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After receiving over $100M in crypto donations from around the world, crypto has officially become legal in the country of Ukraine. The “Virtual Assets” bill signed by president Zelenskky will allow for a legal framework and adoption of cryptocurrency. Along with the signing of the bill, exchanges are being issued permits to operate, banks will be allowed to open accounts for crypto firms, and the minister of finance is amending the tax code to accommodate digital assets.
Here’s what Ukraine’s minister of finance said on the subject:
“The signing of this Law by the President is another important step towards bringing the crypto sector out of the shadows and launching a legal market for virtual assets in Ukraine.”
This is the second largest adoption by a nation state that we have seen in the last year. The reasons for El Salvador and Ukraine are extremely different, but the solution is the same.
Bitcoin is the answer and it’s paving the way for huge gains in this technology advancement for all of humankind!
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Seth Maniscalco
Author, Prohibited Profits
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